The PlugRush Story

It’s been an interesting journey. Based in Norway, PlugRush started in 2007 as an idea to create an automated traffic trading platform for freesites, saving webmasters hours every day of submitting and approving traded traffic through what we called plugs. It quickly became popular, our users liked it and also wanted to sell plug traffic through the network. We started opening up to other types of ads, and let new advertisers into our cpc bidding platform.

It wasn’t long before there were also requests for other types of ad formats, which we subsequently developed. But it wasn’t until we dived head first into mobile advertising that things really took off.

Back in 2011 we saw a huge shift in the market, and mobile advertising started taking of, while websites were not ready for the emerging interest in using their smart phones to consume entertainment. This gave us a great opportunity to get in early with providing publishers with tools to monetize their new mobile users.

We’ve since specialized in creating ad serving technology to help both our publishers monetize their ad inventory in the best possible way by working with the best advertisers and mediabuyers giving them the targeting tools they need to pinpoint their audience, and compete with eachother to bid the most for each click we sell.

Today we’re a global ad serving technology company serving more than 2 billion ad impression per day on both mobile and desktop, offering advertisers and media buyers with the targeting technology needed to reach their intended audience.

We are connected to the best and highest paying advertisers in the industry with the best publisher inventory, while still being the only ad network in the industry that offers our publishers a fully automated  geo-trading traffic platform to reliably grow their traffic for free!

How It Started

In 2010, the ever growing success hit a wall. A huge server problem and ePassporte closing in the same week left the future not looking very bright. The three founders quickly got back to work and fought through the dark times and, by 2011, the new PlugRush was back up and running. It quickly took of again.

In the days when almost no adult website was mobile friendly, PlugRush’s mobile redirect ads spread like wildfire and quickly became one of the best paid ad formats for publishers in the adult industry. PlugRush’s earnings were growing each month for three years straight and the organization has been growing ever since.

2015 looks like it’s going to be bright for the PlugRush team, with many new releases within the PlugRush platform. Contact us if you have traffic or you want more traffic.

How We Do It

The PlugRush platform knows what the users want in real-time. Our ads have superpowers! We think outside the box when it comes to engaging users with paid advertising by staying relevant and reaching the visitors on both desktop and mobile. We capitalize on untapped ad real eastate with smarter ads and targeting options. We have over 100,000 publishers and offers from advertisers in over 208 countries. You are truly in good hands.

Why We Do It

We do the things we do because we like challenging the status quo. We love technology, software development and creating new things. Creating disruptive techology that changes the game is our goal, and we’re constantly looking for trends and behavioural changes in the market so that we can take avantages on the opportunities that arises and create better tools to help our publishers and advertisers get the most out of their traffic, with as little effort as possible. It’s what we’ve always done, and we’ll continue to do so. We’re not afraid of changes. In fact, we welcome them. At PlugRush we  fight to improve engagement and to overcome ad blindness. We constantly work on improving our platform, so our advertisers receive the right traffic for the right visitors at the right time. We are shaping online advertisement every day and bring you the tools that will convert tomorrow.