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Our ads have superpowers! We think outside the box when it comes to engaging users with paid advertising. If you want to gain access to the tools that will maximize your sites revenue and get the most out of your traffic, you should register an account today.

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Sell Your Traffic With These Ad-Formats

Smart Banners

Mobile, desktop, responsive

Our banners have superpowers. Make more with less!

Get higher payouts with our advanced geo targeted banners for desktop and mobile. Our smart responsive banners are able to intelligently display the highest converting ad campaigns at any given time.

Content Widgets

Mobile, desktop, traffic trading, responsive

We send your traffic where it performs!

The PlugRush widget can be adapted to fit into any area of your website. It is responsive, works on any platform, fast and built to be scalable, and attracts a much higher click through rate than what you can expect from regular banners.

Intelligent Pops

Mobile, desktop

Supercharged popunders!

Get the highest CPM for your traffic with our intelligent popunder tool. We constantly update our popunder technology to make sure it’s on the cutting edge in regards to browser compatibility. Our technology has the highest pop frequency in the industry.


Mobile, desktop


With over 5,000 active campaigns covering the entire world, we make sure you get the highest revenue possible for your blind or direct traffic.

Trade Traffic With Content Widgets

For every visitor you send out using our content widgets, you get a visitor in return. Our proprietary system will also match your GEO. For example, if you send 1,000 visitors from USA, you get 1,000 fresh new visitors back to your site from USA. It’s that easy to build up your site with more traffic. Best of all, it’s FREE!

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