Targeted Traffic For
Advertisers And Media Buyers

With over two billion clicks and impressions coming in from all over the world, it can be hard to pinpoint who should see your ads and offers. Plugrush gives you many targeting possibilities so that you can more easily buy the right traffic for your offers through our easy-to-use CPC campaign creator.

Get some targeted traffic now!

Targeting Features

Geographic Targeting

Choose from 273 territories

Target The World, Or Just A Single Country!

You know your advertising goals and offers best. Boost your conversions by targeting the whole world, a few countries or only one country or territory.

Browser Targeting

The Fox Or The Chrome?

Browser Matters

Many of our advertisers love to play around and target various browsers. Different browsers show your offers in different ways. Play with this to get your conversions up.

OS Targeting

I'm a PC & I'm a Mac

Choose the OS for you!

Choose which operating system you would like to pinpoint. Do you have something special for those creative Mac users or does your offer fit for everyone?

Device Targeting

Desktop or Mobile? Android or iPhone?


With PlugRush it is easy to target mobile or desktop users, or even specific mobile platforms such as Android or iPhone.

Whitelist Targeting

You're On The List


Whitelist targeting is like having your very own bouncer (like a night club would have). Only people on your list will get in. In the PlugRush world, you can add IP addresses, IP Ranges and website URLs that you want to receive traffic from to your whitelist.

Blacklist Targeting

You Shall Not Pass


The same concept as whitelist targeting, only now you add people to the list that you absolutely do not want traffic from. You can add IP addresses, IP Ranges and website URLs that you don’t want to receive traffic from.