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What We Do

PlugRush is a world wide traffic network that offers publishers, advertisers and media buyers the possibility of selling, buying and trading traffic. It is a win – win – win solution with lots of revenue streams and targeting possibilities.

Buy Traffic

Reach millions of online visitors on a daily basis through our proprietary ad platform.

  • Buy clicked traffic, mobile redirects or popunders.
  • Advanced targeting.
  • Detailed real time statistics.
  • Anti-cheat protection.
  • Live support.

Trade Traffic

Join our powerful traffic exchange program and trade traffic with thousands of websites.

  • Advanced traffic trading system.
  • Powerful GEO trading.
  • Custom widget creator.
  • Live support.

Sell Traffic

We provide solutions to monetize all of your worldwide traffic and increase your revenue.

  • Sell clicked redirects, popunders and more.
  • Accurate and reliable statistics.
  • Get paid for all your traffic worldwide.
  • Earn extra income with our affiliate program.
  • On time weekly payments!
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Use geo tracking to target your favourite audience

Geo tracking or location targeting allows your campaigns to appear in the countries and territories of your choice. This helps you focus your advertising with the right language to the right customers and also restrict it from countries and territories you don’t want traffic from. This will help you to optimize the traffic you receive and your conversions.

Check your campaign stats in real time

PlugRush statistics track your campaigns in real time. You will be able to see which websites are sending you traffic, and, you will see detailed information about the countries, devices and operating systems of your visitors. And it’s all 100% live in the campaign dashboard.

Monetize Desktop and Mobile Traffic

We offer various customizable ad formats for both desktop and mobile, so you can get the most out of your traffic. We strive to add new ad formats and continue to tweak the ones we have to give you even more revenue with the same amount of traffic.

The PlugRush Story

It’s been an interesting journey. Based in Norway, USA and Germany, PlugRush started in 2007 as an idea to create an automated traffic trading platform for freesites, saving webmasters hours every day of submitting and approving traded traffic through what we called plugs. It quickly became popular, our users liked it and wanted to also sell plug traffic through the network.

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